Animator programs

Our professional animators make sure you don't get bored with us for a minute!
For the little ones

  • Craft occupation
  • Making glitter tattoos
  • Board games, puzzle
  • Tale screening
  • Children's expedition
  • 2-hour child care
  • 1 hour children's "mini disco"

For the big ones

  • Morning gymnastics outdoors
  • Water gymnastics (aqaufitness) in the Wellness area
  • Sauna ceremony
  • Adult craft occupation

Family programs

  • Organized and guided tours of Sástó
    • 1.5 hour tour: Sástói tanösvény, Farkas-kút, Muzsla tető, Hanák Kolos kilátó kilátó
    • 2.5 hour tour: Rákóczi forrás, Muzsla tető, Kozmáry kilátó
  • Torchlight night tour of Muzsla tető
  • Family board games (manage wisely, activity, conquering)
  • Badminton, football
  • 2 hours game room happy hours

We provide various programs for the little and the big ones, as well as our sporty and less sporty guests.

Participation in our programs is free, but pre-registration is required! Find out about our current weekly programs at the link below and indicate your intention to participate as soon as possible at our reception!

Weekly animation programs (pdf)

We reserve the right to change the program!