Wine tasting

Taste the famous wines of the Mátra with us!

In our wine cellar located in the area of Mátra Kemping Sástó, we regularly organize wine tastings for both our inhouse guests and visitors.

As we consider the representation of local values and wineries extremely important, we regularly organize wine tastings exclusively of Mátra wines under the guidance of specialists. We are in contact with many wineries, so you can always taste something new with us!

During each wine tasting, you can taste 6 selected wines from the winery of that day, accompanied by an exciting bowl of cheese and fruit. And the winemakers ensure that you not only have a taste experience, but also get interesting information about the history and evolution of the Mátra wine region and wine culture.

In addition to individual guests, wine tasting is also a great program for groups, as we can easily dissolve with a glass of wine, thus forging and building team spirit.

Contact us for more information and to book a wine tasting:

Individual wine tasting:
+36 20 410 3414 (H-P: 8-16.30)
+36 37 574 002 (0-24)