Oxygen Adrenalin Park

Oxygen Adrenalin Park is connected to Mátra Kemping by the Mátra chairlift. So you haven’t even arrived yet, but your adrenaline levels are already in the skies!

You will not be bored for a minute with us! If you are tired of wellness, boating, lookout climbing, hiking, games room, salt cave, playground, our animation programs, garden barbecues, cooking in cauldron… even tiring to read… then head to the Oxygen Adrenalin Park!

Oxygen Adrenalin Park is only a 10-minute walk, a 2-minute drive and a 7-minute lift from Mátra Camping!

The two locations are connected by the Mátra Chairlift, so you haven't even arrived yet, but your adrenaline level is already in the skies!

All ages, and both the more cautious and the fearless, will find the perfect games! It is not difficult either, as 35 experience elements await the adventurous on 16 hectares!

More details on the park's website! Click here!