Salt cave

In our wellness area we build a therapeutic salt cave with a floor space of 74 m2 consisting 3 rooms, salt-sandbox for the children, relax room with light therapy to relax, and a spinning room with four spinning bikes for those who like to stay active. We built into our salt cave 30 tons of Parajd salt rock, Himalayan salt-bricks and granules.

The "salt-sandbox", designed for the children is a special room where children can heal by playing, strengthen the immune system, improve concentration ability. The salt-sandbox is filled with crystal salt free from city-dirt, imitating the natural environment, its clear climate is ensured by crystal salt mist that the children imperceptibly inhale. The salt-sandbox is great both for health maintenance and healing.

Opening hours: every day between 13-21 hours.

Necessary to login into the salt cave.
Login, information: +36 (37) 374-025 /107 extention.

The programs begin every hour and kept for 45 minutes, followed by 15-minute technical break (ventilation).


Salt cave
Mo-Tu-We-Th 10:00-18:30
Fr-Sa-Su 10:00-21:00

Adult1200 HUF/ 45 minutes
Senior over 65 years1000 HUF/45 minutes
Children (3-12) only together with an attendant600 HUF/45 minutes
Baby (0-3) only together with an attendantfree of charge
Over 10 persons 20 % group discount.20%
Season tickets
At all tickets types:
10+2 pass
(pay for 10 sessions but get 12 admissions).

The prices are gross prices.